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Writing CLAW

The CLAW is a fun, affordable and effective way to teach young children how to hold their pencil correctly. All children, including those with Autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and general fine motor delay can all benefit from using the CLAW When using the CLAW, students can focus on good handwriting rather than the mechanics of holding the pencil. The result is an efficient pencil grasp and improved handwriting! The CLAW is used in school settings and pediatric clinic settings across the nation.

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@WritingCLAW Jun 18, 17:00

Happy Father's Day from all of us here at Writing Claw. #FathersDay #FathersDay2017 #FathersDayWeekend

@WritingCLAW May 29, 14:42

Thank you to all that are serving and have served our country and to all their amazing families!!…

@WritingCLAW May 13, 22:30

From your friends at @WritingCLAW, Happy Mother's Day (a little early) to all the sweet Mama's out there…

@WritingCLAW May 12, 22:19

Thank you to all the #militaryspouses out there!! Thank you from #WritingClaw

@WritingCLAW Apr 27, 18:45

The WRITING CLAW is a tool that can be used to teach kids the tripod grasp. This grip is necessary for everyday ski…

@WritingCLAW Jan 23, 21:07

Happy National Handwriting Day Everyone!! #writingclaw #nationalhandwritingday

@WritingCLAW Apr 15, 16:34

Go to the App Store or Google Play to download our new WritingCLAW app.Stay up to date on the latest news and discounts!! #appsarecool

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Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet

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